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Oculus Go - Why so Blurry?


There is a lot to like about Oculus Go. A quite capable Android device built into a pair of 3D/VR/360 -goggles for about 200 USD/EUR.

But why is the image so blurry? I have tried many VR goggles before and always thought that the weired blurry image is because I'm only trying them for a few minutes and they have not been properly adjusted to fit me.

But now I'we spend a day adjusting and it just doesn't get any better. Whenever there is text on the screen I notice how it looks like some old VGA graphics. Usually only a small part of the screen is somewhat sharp and the further off-center something is the blurrier or more out of focus it seems.

In a higly immersive visual environments this is not so distracting, but whenever there is a GUI or text it becomes distracting.

That said, the Oculus Go is a better than anything where you place your phone inside a goggle and the built in audio is surprisingly good. The directional audio becomes very obvious when you turn your head - it's not only the view that follows your heads movement but also the audio.