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Sonera Homerun WiFi hotspot almost within reach


I am back at the hotel room, and optimisticly scanned for WiFi hotspots. Last year there where none that reached this room, now I found 4. Three did not work and the last one was part of the WiFi network by the Scandinavian telecom giant TeliaSonera called "HomeRun".

I do not think the future is unconditionally wireless simply because radio frequencies are a limited natural resource. But it was nice to see that there are hotspots even here now and although an Ethernet jack in the hotel room is a nicer sight than an elusive WiFi hotspot that may or may not work, I do admit that Homerun is a name I have seen often in the last two years. A lot of hotels here in Finland seems to have Homerun spots.

Too bad you can't just give your credit card number and get an hours worth of quality time. Instead you need to be a Sonera HomeRun customer. I am a Sonera customer but only when it comes to their cell phone network and that does not help. They really should make it a lot easier to buy time - they do have my billing address after all and they could verify who I am trough SMS.