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New cheaper hotspot network in Helsinki


Welho, the cable-tv company in Helsinki and one of the leading ISP's, just started their WiFi hotspot service in Helsinki with 10 stations and they plan to have 100 hotspots in the city in the near future.

This is all nice by itself, but there are two things that make this hot spot network stand out:

  1. Using the network is free for existing Welho broadband customers and there are a lot of those in Helsinki. This free WiFi network is excellent added value and a great reason to choose Welho's cable modem service instead of a competing DSL service.
  2. Even if you are not a Welho customer and have to pay to use the hotspot, the price is very reasonable: 1 euro for 1 hours and for 5 euros you get 24 hours. The biggest competitor, Sonera Homerun, charges 8 euros for 1 hour. I guess Sonera is catering to the "business user", you know, the kind of user who doesn't know how to set up a WiFi connection...