Mobile technology should not be about cramming the office into your pocket but a way to enjoy your everyday life.

The Business User Paradox


The mobile industry caters to business men who do not care while younger, internet savvy users are left with scraps.

Ever noticed how many laptop users there are in "tourist class" on an average flight - and how few there are in business class? And still some airlines offer in-flight internet connection only in business class.

This is just one example of what I today decided to call "the Business User Paradox".

I have touched on this subject before, but I run into it again the other day. I thought my operator did not have a flat rate unlimited data package, only a 30 and a 100 MB per month inclusive offer and any data beyond that is charged by the MB. Well, it turns out they do offer a flat rate, they just don't offer it to private persons, they don't even mention it with a single word on their consumer web site.