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Yahoo's own software for automatic geotagging and Flickr uploading - ZoneTag - now (almost) works on any Nokia Series 60 version 3 phone, such as my Nokia E90.

It installs, starts, runs in the background and collects a log with cell info and GPS data (it does work with the built in GPS in the E90). The only problem is that when I try to start the camera from within ZoneTag (Take Picture) I get an "Error with Initialize Camera!" error message. And if I try to use the built in camera directly, ZoneTag does not pop up to ask if I want to upload the photo.

I partial work around is to keep ZoneTag running all the time and continuously collect positioning information and then upload the log to the ZoneTag site and match it with the photos I have manually taken and uploaded to Flickr. ZoneTag looks for timestamps in the log that matches timestamps in photo headers. This is no ideal solution and it also means the photos don't get tagged themselves, they only get location data added as meta data in Flickr.

When I asked about this problem, ZoneTag support told me they are aware of the problem and an updated version of the software that works correctly should be available soon.