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My Nokia E90 cell phone works well in almost any corner of the world, including here in the US. Still, I can not allow it to connect to the network because as soon as I do, the GPRS data connection icon pops up. I don't know which application causes the connection to be made, it might be several, but with data transfer prices ridiculously high while using a foreign network, there is no way I can keep the phone connected and allow the phone to transfer data at will.

Some applications have options like "warn before connecting while roaming" but obviously not all. Nor would it make any sense to choose "always ask before connecting" for all applications since I want them to connect automatically when needed - as long as I am in Finland where I have a fixed monthly price for unlimited data transfers.

Nokia needs to add an option where users can temporarily choose to not allow any application to connect to the network without explicit approval - while on trips abroad for example.