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Nokia Software Updater fails with Vista


I was going to update the firmware in my Nokia E90 so I launched VMWare Fusion under OS X to get Windows going. Problem is, Nokia Software Updater requires XP. That's right, no OS X support and no Vista support. It seems the Vista SP1 update broke Nokia's updater software and they still haven't managed to fix it.

I wish they would simply have an update application in the phone that would periodically check for updates and when found, offer to download over WiFi or 3G to the memory card and then allow you to install the new firmware right there in the phone. Now you have to install a poorly functional Windows application and you actually have to pop the battery in the phone to find a serial number in order to check on-line if there is an update available. This is the kind of thing built in auto-update software is supposed to keep track of.