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Prepaid WiFi - but never seen a hotspot


Back in December 2004 I bought my Nokia Communicator from a shop run by the Finnish network operator DNA. The phone came with all kinds of DNA pre-sets and background images and stuff - I had to flash a new firmware to get it back to neutral factory reset. But there was one interesting bundle, a pre-paid access card for DNA WiFi hotspots: besides operating a national cell phone network, they also have a network of WiFi hotspots.

I have now carried around this card in my wallet for over two years just in case I would one day find myself in need of a network connection in a place where DNA has a hotspot - but I have still not found a use for the card. In fact, I have not seen a single DNA hotspot anywhere ever. The card expires at the end of 2006 and with only two weeks left I doubt I will find a use for this card.