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iPhone 3G


One week later than all the cool kids, but now I too have bought an iPhone 3G. The iPhone will be replacing my Nokia E90 Communicator although the iPhone, even unsubsidised, costs far less than the E90 (about 520€ compared to about 820€).

The touch-screen -keyboard used in the iPhone is terrible while the large qwerty keyboard in the E90 is superb. Apart from that, the iPhone is superior: more responsive, more stable, easier to use, more fun, smaller and so on. I have read some complaints about battery life and slow 3G speed but I have not had any of those problems.

One really big improvement over the E90 is the quick positioning service. With the E90 I spent minutes waiting for a GPS signal but the iPhone finds my position immediately and with great precision - even indoors, probably by using the wifi based Skyhook positioning system if a GPS signal is unavailable. And then there is the AppStore - it is a joy to search for and install additional software compared to doing it with a Symbian phone and it keeps all your third party softwares perfectly up-to-date.